why use it?

Reverend Bruce Clark and Richard Borgonon discuss the value of using the Word One to One as an effective way of reaching non-Christian friends with the life-changing message of Jesus

I became a Christian while reading John’s Gospel. The Word One to One has helped me share this same life changing, life giving story with friends. It’s the truth presented clearly – one to one.

Chris Edwards, Anglican Bishop of North Sydney

I love having the Word One to One as a tool that Christians can use in their workplace or local cafe in a way that not only reaches the un-churched, but fills the believer with a renewed confidence that they can make a difference outside the walls of their local church!

Paul Bartlett, National Leader for Community Engagement Australian Christian Churches. Author of the book, ‘Thank God its Monday’

The booklet has everything you need, my friend is learning loads about Jesus and we’re both having fun doing it! I like the fact that there’s no physical Bible involved, so we can read material anywhere, without feeling awkward... It was really fantastic to see the Bible come to life as she read it herself... Give it a try!

Alexis Cheang, Business Woman based in Sydney

I strongly encourage churches to take up the Word One to One materials and utilise them in reaching people with the gospel by reading John’s gospel. I use the notes personally and they are excellent!

Bruce Clarke, Senior Minister, St Matthews Anglican Church Manly

I have used the Word One to One with business people over coffee and with my children at home. I found the Word One to One books to be engaging and effective in both of those situations, showing that they can be used with most people and age groups.

Walter Lewin, Chairman, OneVentures

The Word One to One is the best resource I have used to introduce friends who know little or nothing about the Bible to the historical record of Jesus. The step from having conversations about God and Christianity to engaging with the biblical account of Jesus has suddenly been made easier with the Word One to One.

Peter Kaldor, Managing Director, City Bible Forum

I have found the Word One to One material to be a wonderful asset in giving women confidence to read the Bible with a friend. Everything you need is there in one small booklet. The structure, the format, the style and helpful comments are all there to remove barriers to getting to the text. It’s a joy to be able to read alongside someone and see God’s Word at work.

Libby Janssen, St Andrews Wahroonga – Volunteer ministering to woman