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What is The Word 1-2-1?

Many people are totally ignorant as to what the Bible really says. The Word One to One is a resource that helps you walk through John's Gospel with your friends. As you turn over the pages with them they'll see what the Bible says about who Jesus is, and what He came to do.

Who is it for?

It's designed to be used with those who aren't Christians, but who are willing to look at what the Bible actually says.

How does it work?

The resource is made to read one to one with a friend - whether that's in a coffee shop, at home or in an office - anywhere to be honest. The resource gives you everything you need to have a one to one. It includes the Bible passage, questions, answers and side notes.

Each session takes a chunk of John's Gospel and explains what it means and how it affects our life. As you work through the sessions, you'll eventually have go through the whole of John's Gospel. In all there are 38 studies.

How long will each session take?

Depending on your style and personality it is designed to take between 25-40 minutes.

What preparation do I need to have done?

The beauty of this resource is that it has everything you need to take a friend through John's Gospel. This means you don't need to be a Bible scholar or seasoned church leader to use The Word One to One. It might help you if you read ahead so you know what's coming - this would take about 15 minutes. Beyond that it's all there for you. The Bible says that God's Spirit uses God's Word to bring life - so it would good pray too and ask God to use His Word to bring life.

Is there any training available?

There is no formal training needed to use The Word One to One. However, you might want to watch the video on the how to use it page to help you get the most from the resource.

Have you any advice on how best to use the notes?

You may be fearful at first to ask friend to read the Bible with you, but we urge you to give it a go. You'll be surprised how many people are happy to try it!

  • We suggest you only ask people of the same sex to read it with you. You'll be meeting them regularly and its best to have clear boundaries.
  • Before you meet with them, pray - ask God to help you as you open His word.
  • Don't ask them to do anything that would make them uncomfortable. You know your friend best, but be careful asking them questions. This might intimidate them or embarrass them if they don't know the answer. Don't ask them to read aloud, or pray.
  • Meet in a venue that makes them feel at ease - this could be anything from a coffee shop, to their own home.

How many copies do I need?

You need a copy and your friend needs a copy. For each new person you read The Word with you'll need an additional copy. The Word is sold in packs of two to make it easier for you.

How much does it cost?

All the details of the costing, as well as the option to buy is available from koorong.com and matthiasmedia.com.au. There are bulk details so the more you buy the cheaper it gets. The Word is sold in packs of two.

I can't afford that - what can I do?

We've tried to make The Word available as cheaply as possible. If it is still not possible for you to buy the resource, then please feel free to download it for free and print out as many as you need. Order or Download

Who wrote it?

The Word One to One was developed in London by people who were being asked, by their friends, questions about God and the Bible. Over many years it has been tweaked, changed and improved. This new format was written by Richard Borgonon and William Taylor, the project manager was Jonathan Carswell.

Are other notes on other books of the Bible available?

At the moment, notes are only available in this format for the book of John. However, God willing notes on other books will become available in due course.